Monday, January 21, 2008

35th Anniversary

One saved from abortion.

Tomorrow will mark the 35th anniversary of Roe v Wade, the case that would end so many lives. As I stated in my post last week The Least of These, I truly believe the only way to change people's minds and hearts is through the message of Jesus Christ. I know this made an impact on Jane Roe (Norma McCorvey). Norma McCorvey is the woman who for 35 years has been at the center of this controversial court decision. I met Norma just over 10 years ago at a prolife event. I heard her speak about how ironically God had used a child who never gave up on her to get her to go to church. This little girl was her neighbor who after continually asking and getting a "no" answer never gave up on Ms. McCorvey. Oh, the child-like faith that doesn't falter under a little rejection.

Click for Operation Save America
Rev. Flip Benham
baptizing Norma McCorvey

God also brought the Prolife group "Operation Rescue" now known as "Operation Save America" and its leader Flip Benham to work next door to the abortion clinic that Norma worked at. I have also had the privilege of meeting Flip Benham several times. I have never seen Flip without his Bible in his hand, ready to share the Gospel with the workers and the women who need the love and forgiveness that only Jesus can provide. Norma, as one pro-lifer wrote, "The poster child for abortion just jumped off the poster and into the arms of Jesus Christ" was baptized and has been working for the prolife cause since her conversion.

I hope in all of this we as Christians have learned that we must be a part of the political world and bring our beliefs into our world view. If Christians had done this 35 years ago and stood up to be counted, so much suffering might have been prevented. I am old enough to remember being in elementary school and hearing no uproar over the court's decision.


Richard D said...

I remember hearing Flip Benham say, when he introduced us to Norma McCorvey, that prolife activism is all about sharing the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ--not about picketing or coercion. Thank you for spotlighting a man who is truly doing a good work in the arena of the sanctity of life.

Kelly said...


I think that both you and Richard have summed it up most eloquently and truthfully - spreading the love of Christ is the basis of pro-life activism. After all, its our value in Him, and the value of our unborn children, that makes all of the difference. His love is so great!

Mrs. Wilt said...

Kim, I linked to this post today on my blog. Praise the Lord for such a mighty testimony to His forgiveness, His grace, and His mercy!

Anonymous said...

Why not also fight against murders in Irak ? Instead of going to hospitals to yell after poor women already tortured by their guilt ? Help, instead of blame, for a change... what do you think ?

Richard D said...

Dear anonymous. It's very odd that you would find a way to divert the focus of this post into a totally different direction.

As Kim's husband I can only speak for her actions since we first met, which was before abortion was legalized. Kim has never, ever yelled at women outside hospitals (or abortion mills). She has helped, and never blamed ... ever, those women who are considering abortion or who have had abortions in the past. And she opposes murder both in Iraq and in our local hospitals.

You might actually be interested in hearing this directly from Kim's keyboard at this post (which you obviously had not yet read when you posted your comment).

You might also want to check out the "No anonymous posts" comment on the main page. If you have the strength of your convictions behind your statements, please respond and through our ongoing conversation, maybe we can all learn to appreciate each other's points of view.

Kim said...

I would ask that before you make a judgement on me for being pro life that you read the rest of my blog postings. I am against hate being hurled at the women and the workers at these clinics. I find that many who proclaim pro-choice only support a woman who chooses abortion. My question to you is what have you done to help these women make the choice they want? My husband and I have opened our home to help women in crisis pregnancies, as my son grew out of his baby items they went directly to the crisis pregnancy center and through out the year we prepare our Christmas gift to Jesus- a basket filled with baby food, blankets and diapers for the center. I have already purchased the basket for this years gift. I also feel strongly that for women who have had abortions we need to offer them the forgiveness that only Christ can give- it's not my job to judge them.

Anonymous said...

My comment has obviously been mistaken. I was not blaming you personnally, as I don't know you or your acts, but I was talking about things I really don't understand, like those Christian people yelling at the entrance of hospitals, as I have already seen it. This was just to try to focus the debate on this point in order to see if someone could help me to understand those people's point of view.
And for the anonymous part, Mr Richard, sorry, my computer is filled up with security firewalls who prevent me from giving some informations. Anyway the lack of name doesn't change the person behind the words...

Kim said...

Dear Lily,
First I would like to apologize for the actions of these "Christians" that you saw yelling at the hospital. When I see the protests such as this I am reminded of the Pharisees that were considered righteous in Jesus' day. Jesus even addressed these in Matthew 9:13 when he says "For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners."

Hate is not the example Jesus exhibited to the woman at the well when he confronted her with her sin in John 4:7-45. He came with a loving answer to the problems in her life. Jesus didn't yell at her or even speak harsh words. Some will point to the fact that Jesus did show anger in the Bible. What I find interesting is that His anger was directed at the abuse of the religious leaders.

As to why people stand outside hospitals and clinics and yell at those entering, I have no answer. This is an issue that tends to bring out strong emotions; I know I have very strong emotions on this issue. We are all sinners. No sin is greater or lesser than another. Sometimes we in our limited view of sin have placed degrees on sin (a little white lie is acceptable, but a whopper of a lie is wrong) and many feel that murder is the worst sin of all. But, this is not God's view of sin.