Thursday, January 17, 2008

Skipping Classes

We found out on Monday night that David had skipped two classes on Friday. His one-on-one aid was not there that day because she was sick, so he took the chance to spend the last two classes in a conference room in the office. Now, why no one noticed that he was there and questioned him for two classes bothers me even though he does spend time there often. So the school's punishment for his missing those two classes was a day's suspension (lets give him more time out of class).

Yesterday was the day he was to serve it and serve it he did. My philosophy is to make suspensions so miserable that he is eager to return to the relatively lesser work load at school. He was made to get up at usual time which was followed by a full day of all work, no play, and no television. I normally shop for groceries for the following week on Friday, but changed it to yesterday so he could lug all the bags in. This was followed by the school work that needed to be completed, cleaning, and laundry.

Overall, even though he is doing a lot of the work, it means lots more work for me also. Keeping him on track and in line is more work than just doing it myself. Will this result in no more suspensions? I doubt it since when he is in the heat of the moment he doesn't seem to think about the consequences and this is not his first suspension. But, if we make it easy I can guarantee there would be many more suspensions.


Mrs. Wilt said...

I really appreciate your stance on this issue. As a former teacher, I feel that "suspensions breed suspensions", if children are not taught that they are being PUNISHED. From my observations, at-home-suspensions resulted in one of 2 things: either children were allowed to sit in front of the TV and veg all day or as you so wonderfully described, parents would make their children actually WORK so they were ready to go back to school. Kudos to you for being such a "teaching mom". David will reap rewards aplenty upon reaching adulthood, as you continue to train him in the way he should go. All this to say....

GO KIM!!! ;o)

Kelly (The Barefoot Mama) said...

You rock, Kim! (Immediately conjured up was the news article about the mother who put up her son's car for sale with that infamous ad about being "the world's meanest mom", LOL!) I think it's awesome that you are steadfast in training up David in the ways of the Lord, which many people don't equate to the "small" things in life, such as keeping a child on track after a suspension. So often parents will talk the talk, but not walk the walk per se. They will teach the Bible but not give hands-on, real-world instruction in godly values and godly ways. You're a fantastic mother, Kim! Prayers also for David to keep on track. He seems like such a great boy, and I know that he has to be with a mom like you!

P.S. I knew that I'd see Mrs. Wilt's comment on this post! ;o) Hehe! I couldn't pass it up either as a former teacher, LOL! Though I do confess that I'm sooo glad to read your genuine, "real" posts here about raising a teen...I'm already wincing about when Grace is that age - last week she taught herself to fake cry. LOL!