Saturday, January 5, 2008

Indoor Activities

With the weather so cold outside, it has been hard for our son to get his energy out, and energy he has! I remember trying almost everything when he was younger to keep him busy and have some fun in the process. One of my finds was the book Great Books to Read and Fun Things to do with Them by MOPs. They take one easy-to-read children's book a month and suggest fun crafts and cooking activities to accompany the theme of the book. Books such as The Snowy Day, Where The Wild Things Are and Guess How Much I Love You are included in this handy little book.

Great Books to Read
and Fun Things to do
with Them

The activities are not only fun, but easy and inexpensive. I love that the craft activities are "decorating outside the lines" where you can let the child express his creativity and not just follow a set look that must be completed. Before each recipe or craft there is a list of things that are needed and ingredients, making it easy to prepare before beginning. It is very frustrating, especially with a young child, to begin a project and finding that you are missing something and can't complete the project.

After seeing this book on my shelf last night and pulling it to take another look at it, I find that now that my son is enjoy cooking this might be a good book to find some quick and easy recipes. This is one reason I just can't get rid of a book, you never know when you might be able to use it again.

After checking the the MOPS website and, it appears this little treasure trove of a book is no longer in print, however it can be purchased used here.


Gen said...

hi kim! i read your site all the time. :) i was wondering, what is your picture on the top of your blog from? it reminds me of the SCA. :)


Kim said...

The picture on my blog is from a renaissance festival. We love going and try to attend each year. We are just heading to the jousting field. I had not heard of the SCA, but checked out their web-site. We love the living history of it. Our son has learned an appreciation of Shakespeare at an early age due to the festival.I'm glad you check out my site, thanks

Richard D said...

Hi Gen - I'm Kim's husband. Thanks for introducing us to the SCA. We'll have to check into that. Our son would absolutely love it. His favorite play is Shakespeare's Hamlet. He also loves the jousting at the Renaissance Festival. The jousting field is just to the left of the blog header photo.