Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Warm Welcome

As friends enter our home each season they will find the entrance has changed with the season. I love changing this area every month or so since it is the first impression people get when visiting us.

We keep the same picture up, which I never tire of and the table, which when turned sideways allows the leaves to come up and the table can be used for entertaining. The other items I currently have on the table are decorations for the month of February. The wreath and holder were half-price Christmas items I bought at Target. I love the deep, saturated colors in the wreath. The large picture on the table is of David on his first Valentine's day. I love the sweetness and innocence reflected in this picture. I also placed my bowl of potpourri and lights on the table. I love to place items with a variety of heights and basically uncluttered.

So often we decorate and leave things as they are. Let's face it, who can afford to completely change each month? But a little change like this keeps the creativity going and is very affordable. Also the little wicker chair next to the table was a prop for my photography. I made my own cushion to match the trim and placed a little bear with a hometown shirt on him.

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Kelly said...

Hey Miss Kim!

I love this post! That wreath is breath-taking...deep, rich colors are my favorite. How special that you have a photo from David's first V-day on display...I'm loving the posts with glimpses into your home! It's lovely!