Monday, January 28, 2008

Teaching Manners?

We went out to eat on Saturday following our errands. Shortly after we arrived, another family came in with the mother on her cell phone. She was with her husband and two daughters, but she might as well of been alone for all the interaction she had with them. Her husband ordered the food since the cell phone was still attached to her ear. Throughout the entire meal I watched her, since my seat looked directly as hers. She didn't appear to treat this as an emergency or necessary phone call. Laughing occasionally and talking, she showed much more interest in the person on the other end of her phone than with those she was actually with. Once when one of the girls reached across the table she slapped her hand, due to bad manners? When we left, they were also getting ready to leave, still with the phone conversation going on.

I feel sorry for the message that this mother is sending to her girls. The girls acted like this was normal, as did the husband. I love the ability that my cell phone gives me since I can be reached anytime the school needs me, but most of the times I wish they had never been invented.

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Mrs. Wilt said...

Oh, does this make me sad, Kim!

It reminds me of the little poem that says: "You're writing a gospel, a chapter each day; by the things that you do and the words that you say. Men read what you write, whether faithless or true...Just what is the gospel according to you?"

Poor mom. She will probably wonder why her children just won't talk to her someday when they're older. Very, very sad, but so commonplace today. :o)