Thursday, August 28, 2008

Best Laid Plans

First the good news
We had a meeting at the school yesterday afternoon in which we adjusted some of David's classes. He will go from special education social studies to advanced social studies. We did this with his science class last year and we were very pleased with the results. Most advanced classes have a high ratio of girls, which David loves. Whereas there is a higher ratio of boys in the special ed classes. David is still in advanced science and enjoyed the Skittles experiment he did with his lab partner yesterday. They then had to eat the evidence. He begins his advanced social studies class today.

We are very thankful for David's case manager at school. She is taking pro-active steps in managing his schedule and potential issues.

Now the bad news
When I returned home from the school meeting I got a message from the agency that provides David's one-on-one. You know, the one that is supposed to start with David today. They have not heard back from her since Tuesday. She was to bring in her paperwork and all the forms. She has not returned their phone calls and they can't get in touch with her. This is the second person they hired to work with David this summer who has done this. They have never worked with him and I have to wonder if his old one-on-one has been talking behind backs.

The agency has no one to work with David. So what to do? I am working with the school and we may go back to a day treatment counselor. We tried that last year at the beginning of the school year, but since they could only work with David for two classes this didn't work. David has grown up a lot and is behaving much better in school—in fact, the sub one-on-one that was with him yesterday didn't even have to go into two of the classes with him. I also feel that the teachers he has this year as a whole are much more equipped to deal with him.

This may actually be a blessing since we may be pulling supports out faster then we had planned. The question is if David is ready to have these supports removed.
This morning has been taken up with phone calls, e-mails and prayer for this situation.

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