Friday, August 8, 2008

Dollywood Revisited

David riding the planes
As we went through our photo album from our last visit at Dollywood, it is amazing how much has changed.

First, David was just over a year old. He loved the rides. The race cars and trucks that went round and round on a track were his favorites. While he loved the chairs that would go up in the air and then swing out and the airplanes that went up and down, his mommy didn't. I was so afraid that my precious little baby would squirm and fall out.

Holding Mommy on the frightening merry-go-round
None of these dire things happened. However we did have to jump off the merry-go-round while it was at full speed. Yes, my daredevil child freaked out as the merry-go-round began playing music and the horse he was on went up and down. The day was filled with fun with his second cousins who went with us. David even did something he does not do—he fell asleep! We rented one of those cute little baby buggies that looks like a car and at the end of the day as we were leaving he was sacked out in it.

David driving the cars
We also were amazed at how few pictures we took at the time. Since these were the days before digital cameras we only have a few pages of pictures. I remember the those days when we would buy film before a trip and hope we had enough, and there was never enough, since we all know how much tourist places charged for film. We then had to wait to get home and usually put in a few rolls in time to only pick up the pictures later and sort through the good and the bad images. Now we are prepared with two digital cameras and one digital video camera. We always love to return at the end of a day and see the images that each of us took. It can really show what captured each of our attention.

Sacked out
We've checked the weather for next week and the temperature is supposed to be a more moderate temperature then we have been experiencing. However, two days are calling for thunderstorms.

We hope you enjoy us taking you on a blog-cation as we share our vacation with you.


Mrs.RGS said...

David was SO cute. And you managed to tucker him out. Oh my. I wasn't expecting a post from you today. I know you are busy making last minute packing plans. Really looking forward to seeing photos and reading stories of this year's trip. And to see if you can tucker David out this time. ha, ha.

Richard D said...

Rita - no tuckered out child this time. He was rolling pretty much all the time, although he did sleep in pretty late each morning.