Monday, August 11, 2008

A Day of Adventure

Yesterday while waiting for our cousins to join us at the hotel we kept David busy. Right after breakfast it was a trip to the pool. David's swimming has improved so much over the summer since he has spent almost everyday at the Y's pool.
When it was time to go to the room nearer our guests arrival time David opened the curtains and questioned me about who was coming, their ages and our relation to each other. Each vehicle that pulled up he would ask "Is that them?" He was very excited when Wendy and her kids got out of their truck, spotted him and waved. David's first comment was "Haley's pretty."

Smokey Mountain River Rampage
After the greeting we headed to Dollywood. We started with the tamer rides and worked our way up. Dylan, Haley and Peyton are not as daring as David is. While they rode many of the rides, there were some that I had to ride with David. We rode the rampaging river boats and got soaked, while Rich stood on shore to capture our ride. We headed to the Midway that held rides that brought back memories of traveling carnivals. This is a great area for the younger kids and eight-year-old Peyton got to ride more rides in this section.

David, the day before, had wanted to ride the Thunder Head—a traditional wooden roller coaster. It is a long and very nerve-racking looking ride. We told him to wait until Sunday, since the park was closing when he asked. We were hoping Wendy's kids would ride it with him. Luckily, Dylan was willing to ride it and the two of them set off.

Mystery Mine Roller Coaster
We had to purchase the picture that was taken on the ride. I will scan the picture when we get back home and will be able to post it. None of the other kids would ride the Mystery Mine, I can't understand it. Just as we were pulling out David looked at me and said "I changed my mind, I don't want to ride this." The ride has two straight up hills, you are flat on your back and all you can see is track. Then the drop is amazing! On our first straight uphill climb David grabbed my hand and didn't let go until after the ride was over. We were seated in the very front and even felt the heat of flames that shot out at us. The ride also has two upside down turns. He decided that the ride was too intense for him, until next year.

The result of River Battle soaking
We all rode on River Battle. We floated down a winding river on a raft with people spraying water from cannons on the side of the river. But, we had our own cannons and fought a hard fight. We were so soaked by the end of the ride that we went right back on for a second soaking.

We rode many other rides with the kids making up different combinations of riding with each other. David loved telling everyone who would listen that these were his cousins. We have made plans on visiting them on our way back home—the day before Haley becomes a teenager.


Mrs.RGS said...

This is so much fun -- thanks for taking me along.

I just have to say a word about the spit cups. I'm assuming that they are for chewing tobaco, right?

A few years ago Dolly wrote an autobiography. In it she talked about how she lost weight. Then she discovered that she could have all the donuts she wanted as long as she didn't swallow. She walked around with a spit cup to hold her pre-chewed food.

That sign made me wonder if everyone back there controlled their weight that way.

Kim said...

Yes, the spit cups are for chewing tobacco. My male cousins use to chew as teenagers and they use to carry around those nasty little cups. They were so gross!
Trust me everyone here doesn't control their weight. In fact it has been very hard to control my weight here- the strange hours we eat at and the good food (that I don't have to cook or clean up after).
We have met some nice people both at the hotel and at the parks.
I love the fact that there are so many extended families that are here together.