Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What Was I Thinking?

Splash Country's Lazy River
Yesterday we hit Dollywood's Splash Country, a waterpark. We started the day with a lazy ride down the river. It was wonderful to just lay back and let the river gently rock you. Needless to say this didn't last long with David along.

Next we headed to a raft ride. You have to walk up a whole lot of steps, get on a raft that takes you down and around tunnels then lands you at the bottom. This was not quite as relaxing as the lazy river. But, it was lots of fun.

One of the raft rides
Next the wave pool and lunch. We ate our lunch next to the wave pool and enjoyed watching all the others getting rocked by the waves. After lunch Rich and David played in the wave pool while I worked on my tan.

Have no fear my resting didn't last long. Before you knew it David had me heading up an even bigger flight of steps to the water drop. David almost chickened out of the ride as he saw person after person going back down without riding. If the older kids were scared he was considering not riding.

Yes—that's David
But, up and up we went to the top of the stairs. We layed down in the slide, crossed our legs crossed our arms and whoosh. A straight drop down before the slide bends and you land at the end of the slide. You'll hear no screaming on this ride since if you tried to open your mouth the water would choke you. I had water going up my nose the entire ride and I lost my headband somewhere along the ride. It was fun, but David decided not to try it again—just yet.

Next David decided to head for the water playground. This was quite a sight. Kids running all over a jungle gym with water squirting everywhere. Rich headed under the overhang to get some shade while I laid out some more. David must have played for two hours running around having a blast before he was ready to stop.

One of the water playgrounds
So it was a trip to Logan's Roadhouse for dinner (since David had accidentally dropped the leftovers that were to be dinner). We headed for Aloe Vera for Rich's sunburn then it was an early evening at the hotel. O.K., earlier then we have had the last two nights but still after David's bedtime.


Mrs.RGS said...

Sounds to me like David and Rich are lucky to have you along. You are such a sport to be doing all of those water slides. Rich looks like he would sunburn easily -- so do you for that matter.

Kim said...

The funny thing about us is that Rich's skin tone is darker than mine. My mom's side of the family is all Dutch so I am very fair skinned. But, everyone on my Dad's side of the family tans very easily. We've been told there is some Native American blood in our family.
Some of the rides even I can't beleive I was willing to ride. The water drop was very nerve racking as I looked down. Then I thought about taking all those steps back down so it was bombs away!

Mrs.RGS said...

So you just took the quickest way down? Too funny.