Saturday, August 9, 2008

Welcome To Your Blog-cation

Today we are taking you on the first day of your blog-cation. After a five-and-a-half-hour drive, we have arrived. Unfortunately you are not the only ones who decided to join us. The road was jammed with many others who wanted to have a great time.

Before we arrived at the hotel, our fun began. We had to stop and take pictures that we really wanted to share. The first was of a "Beef Jerky Outlet" but we never entered the shop. As we entered the John Deere store, we saw a sign that requested that we not bring "food, drinks or spit cups into the store." Now I ask you, what are we suppose to do with our spit cups?

So what are we supposed
to do with them?
Upon arriving at the hotel David had decided he didn't want to go to Dollywood, but would prefer to swim in the hotel pool. You'd think that spending five days a week at the pool would make him a little less enthralled with it, but not my son. After about 20 minutes in the pool he decided he was ready to hit the park.

Instead of driving in all the traffic, we walk one block over to the trolley. We have to switch trolleys part way through our journey. But finally arrive at Dollywood! David is scoping out the rides as we pull into the parking lot and knows which ride will be the first one on his list. First we head to the cars that go around a track. We then went to one of my favorite types of rides—the river raft ride. I ended up in the seat that would soak me more then any of my fellow passengers. By the time the ride finished my shoes sloshed with the water that flowed down my backside on the ride.

My boys, flying high
We arrived at the train station just in time as the steam engine pulled in just as we entered the gate. Our ride was very spacious and David had a smile from ear to ear the entire trip. Then David and his dad rode a ride that took them high in the air and spun them outwards. I stayed on the ground and photographed them. There were a couple other rides we were able to cram in before the park closed.

While the ride on the trolley worked well for our journey from the hotel to Dollywood the same can not be said for the return trip. You see, we caught the right trolley but we thought they would turn around a lot sooner then they did. So we were still on the trolley long after we expected. David was very sleepy on the trip and laid his head on me to rest.

It is now about midnight and we have just finished dinner and are getting ready to go to sleep. It has been a very fun and exhausting day. Tomorrow my relatives will join us for the day so it promises to hold even more excitement since we will also have a full day here.

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