Monday, August 25, 2008

Mom's Homework

Today was the first day of school and David was excited. I had worked hard to get all the supports in place so there would a smooth beginning to the school year. About an hour after school began I got a phone call with the news that there was a mix-up and David's one-on-one was not able to go to school today. Aargh!!

Now the worries began. David was expecting to have his one-on-one to meet him at the bus. David doesn't do well with change and I was worried this might derail the day. But, we didn't get a call from the school, just the agency that provides the one-on-one.

David, dressed and
ready for school
David arrived home and reported that he had a great day. I even got a note from his new case manager saying what a great day he had. This teacher is the one who will take over David's IEP and accommodations. When I met her last week I got a very good impression of her.

This was not the case last year. I felt last year's teacher and I were working against each other instead of together. When I would disagree with anything she said, her face would turn red and she would stiffen up. It came very close to us formally asking that she be removed from his case since I often felt she wasn't looking out for David's best interest. Once she even stated in a meeting that "all the teachers feel they can't teach with David in the room." When I gathered all his teachers together and asked them point blank, I only had one teacher who felt that way. I even had one teacher say she felt that David was a good contributor to her class. So I promptly had this corrected with the other members who had been in the meeting.

Anyone who has ever sent a child off to school knows that the kids are not the only ones who must complete homework. Last week I completed and returned all the paperwork the school required. However, today David brought home the rules and expectations due in each class. Each student must sign the contract, then the contract is to be signed by the parents.

We have survived the first day of school and are eager to see what is in store for the rest of the year.


Sharon said...

I am so glad that he had such a great day! What an answer to prayer that he has such a great teacher! There is always so much paperwork when we start school. I have a little peechee to keep all their stuff in, it can be overwhelming! We have had our fair share of less than ideal teachers and after you and your child survive it, it is really wonderful to look back and see that the Lord helped you both get through it. It does make your child stronger and they will use those skills all the rest of their lives. After all, they will have bosses, co-workers, land lords, neighbors, etc. who will not always like them and not always be fair and it really is good for them to learn how to handle people.

Good job Mom!

xox Sharon

Sharon said...

I answered your question about where my hubs was on my blog. I came over to say good morning and I noticed you have a new default picture.....I really like it! You look really pretty.

Have a great day!

:0) Sharon

Kim said...

We tell David this same thing about learning to deal with people they may not like or get along with. That is just part of life.
But, I have had to step in with two teachers- the first who thought David should be sent back to preschool from kindergarten because he wasn't smart enough. Now mind you this was six weeks into the shool year. We removed him from her class and just three months later his Stanford testing showed a low of first grade equivalancy in some subjects and a high of third grade in other subjects. He was too smart and got bored too easily for her liking.
The other teacher we refused to deal with was a public school special ed teacher that left bruises on David's arms. This only happened once and I went in and laid down the law that it better never happen again or I would return with the police. I then reported this to the school administration. I later found out that this same teacher was leaving bruises on other students only since their parents were not reporting it and the abuse continued for the remainder of the year. The next year the teacher was to move up and teach these same students again. That's when I told the school it would not happen with my son. I later found out that out of six students that were to return to this class only one did.
But, we explain that sometimes dealing with difficult people may result in having to go to an outside authority- a boss if there is a conflict with a co-worker or police if there is a continuing problem with a neighbor.

Becky K. said...

This is great! Getting off on the right foot is such a blessing. I'll be checking in to see what a great year you will all have this year. I feel as if I am watching your son grow into a very fine young man.

Becky K.