Thursday, August 21, 2008

Preparing For 8th Grade

This week I have been very busy with school prep for David. We have now gotten David's new one-on-one in place. She has never worked with David, but we know her from her previous job. I think this will be a better fit then some of the people who have worked with David in the past. It is very difficult to find the right person. The person needs to be young enough to keep up with David and his hyper activity while still having enough sense to make good judgement calls on the fly. I have also learned from past experience that I need to be more pro-active in my communication and goals with the one-on-one.

While David is enrolled in school, they also require you to attend registration day. I was very thankful that Rich was home with David so I could meet the teachers and pass along pertinent information without his little ears being present. Since there are several "stations" you must stop at to complete everything that needs to be done before school on Monday, it took a very long time. There was a very long line to get the "home" school books. This is a wonderful service for the families in the district since it allows the children to keep one set of text books at home so they don't have to lug home all the books each time they have homework. This also prevents the "I can't do my homework, I left my book in my locker" excuse.

I was able to get his schedule, locker with combination, bus info, and meet his teachers.

I have high hopes for this school year. His homeroom teacher also teaches him for another class. After talking for a while about both our goals for David she said "I can see we are going to get along real well this year."

Her goals for David mesh well with our goals for him. She is the adoptive mom of two little girls. There was only one other new teacher for David. The other teachers he has had previous contact with and luckily these were not the ones he had problems with last year. The only teacher we will truly miss is Mrs. Anderson. She is a wonderful and caring teacher that has moved to another school.

Our Internet access went out yesterday and it took a while to get the problem corrected. But, we are glad to be back online.

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