Friday, July 4, 2008

The Worst "Ism" Is Commercialism

I was appalled when I open my e-mail yesterday and had received a $4.00 off a $20.00 purchase at CVS/pharmacy. This is not my normal response, but the coupon is only good for July 4th. I understand that pharmacies are needed even on holidays, but this coupon is not able to be used on prescriptions. If you follow the same thought that people get sick even on holidays and that is the reason the store should be open, what about during the night? CVS has a few with 24 hour pharmacies and these should be the only ones requiring employees to work on a holiday.

Having worked in retail as a high school student the argument was that as long as people purchase on these days then corporate headquarters doesn't want to miss the sale. Of course corporate big wigs who make these decisions are all taking off for the holiday.

The most offensive part of the CVS coupon is that since it is only valid today they are creating a reason for customers to purchase on a holiday. Then next year they will cite the increase of business as the reason they should be open. If they make the coupons valid tomorrow instead they may actually generate more business. This is one coupon that will not be printed since I for one will not be shopping today.

Just a side note—at the top of the e-mail the logo states:CVS/Pharmacy for all the ways you care. I am glad to see that they don't even attempt to say they care.


Mrs.RGS said...

Do you read Meredith at Like Merchat Ships?

She is on vacation right now and watched HGTV on cable (they don't have cable at home). She commented about the content of so many of the shows is beyond the budgets of most Americans. She received 60 comments so far with women's insights as to the commercialism protrayed.
Can I assume that you don't shop on Sunday? I really hate it when I'm too tired to go out on Saturday and then have to grocery shop after church on Sunday. It makes my spirit unhappy and sad. But, we've just made the decision that I will retire from my job on September 30th. Then I can shop on Monday through Saturday and never on Sunday again. Yeah.

Kim said...

You are correct that as a general rule I don't shop on Sundays. There have been times when it was necessary. When we made the trek from Northern Virginia to visit David in the hospital we would eat out on Sundays but we rarely do that now.
I bet you can't wait until September! But, if your life is like mine you will find that you are still really busy and must schedule your time wisely or the day can get away from you.

Kelly said...

What a great point, Kim! We're in a pretty wholesome (in terms of values being reflected in the community) part of Pennsylvania being here in PA Dutch Country, but I was shocked to see that a local, and very popular, farmer's and flea market was open from 8-3 on Independence Day. I thought about some of the teens from our old church and how they worked at the food stands there and wondered if they'd have to leave their families that day to work when we should be reflecting on togetherness and giving thanks to God for the brave people of our nation who gave us this freedom.

And is it really worth those profits...just one day's earnings? I really applaud Chick-fil-a and some local places around here (namely a local greenhouse and nursery and then a Christian hardware store) for not being open on Sundays.