Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer School Begins

Today was the first day of summer school. Due to David's issues, the school opted for a home bound teacher. This means she will come into our home for two hours a day for four weeks.

I am so thankful that the teacher God sent is a Christian. During the school year she is a special education middle school teacher in the next county.

Ms. Lydia is a lovely lady, who is deathly afraid of animals—yes even of Roger. So as of tomorrow "class" will be held in the kitchen. I chose not to have it set up there today since it still smelled of crab legs from yesterday's lunch. After explaining that David's issues were not academic but behaviorally based, she tailored her teaching to accommodate this.

She kept her teaching very easy to understand and after going over some math principles she quizzed him. Then he was able to quiz her on them. This made him learn in a more fun way, which he likes.

I just wish David had had a teacher like Ms. Lydia this past school year. David was not the only student in his class to fail. I was told that many of the students in his class did not pass. Since there were only seven students in the class I would say the teacher failed more then the students.


Mrs.RGS said...

Oh dear, she's afraid of sweet, darling Roger. In spite of the flaw in her nature -- (smile) it sounds like she is the perfect one to be teaching David math this summer. Four weeks is not long to get through a math class. And, what is wrong with the smell of crab? Let's make THAT into a candle (smile again).

Arlene said...

Great idea about the chalk paint on the desk. I actually have an old desk like that - it was my grandmothers. Think of all the trees I'd save if my girls started using chalk!

Cute blog. Thanks for visiting mine!