Thursday, July 3, 2008

Look Mom - No Tooth!

David has had a loose tooth for the last couple of days (right next to the tooth he lost a couple of weeks ago.) He has really been pushing the tooth around to try to get it out. Apparently it wasn't going fast enough because right before lunch today he announced that he was going to pull it out. Before I could even say "don't do that" he had already gone into the bathroom and yanked out the tooth. Blood was dripping out of his mouth and the roots were still attached to the bottom of the tooth.

Call me crazy but I think he should have waited for a little while longer.

When I asked why he did it he stated he wanted to save the tooth fairy money for tracks and a new engine for his train. Not that by pulling his tooth will he have enough to buy the engine. Of course, I may find a toothless, bleeding gum boy in the bathroom tomorrow with a handful of teeth ready to ambush the tooth fairy!

Since the tooth he lost a couple weeks ago has only started to come in he may have to gum his food tomorrow.


Mrs.RGS said...

Oh Kim, you should have warned me that there was going to be blood.
Looks like David will do anything for money. How much does the tooth fairy pay these days? Don't ever let him know that some places will pay you for your blood donation!!!

Kim said...

Sorry about not warning about all the blood. But, I wanted to show everyone how I was greeted for lunch.
The tooth fairy is paying very well these days. Rich was paid 50 cents, while I got $1.00 when we were kids. But now a days the going rate is between $5.00 and $10.00 a tooth. Our tooth fairy pays $5.00 a tooth.
No, I can't let him know about getting paid for giving blood. He might try to get me to pay him each time he has to get blood drawn for his medicine level checks- which are several times a year.

Sheri said...

Actually, there is no "going" rate. Parents are paying all over the place - one parent even forked over $100, thinking it was a $1 bill - and then had to do the same for his other kid! HA!

I did an author school assembly the other day, and told the assembled k-4th graders that the tooth fairy ONLY deals in quarters, because she's got to make her life simple -- and that if the kids found something else under their pillows, it's because of their parents. "Some parents," I said, "just can't help getting involved." HAAA!

I've had a lot of parents thank me for helping to keep down their tooth budgets. ;-)

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