Thursday, July 24, 2008

Change For Life

On Monday I had gone to the church to return the parlor back to it's original state and pack up the last of the decorations from the shower. So imagine my husband's surprise when I returned home and and he found out that I had just completed one project only to sign up for another.

Our church secretary asked me if I would be willing to be the liaison for a baby bottle fund raiser for the local residential maternity home for unwed mothers. The girls are prepared to either become mothers or place their baby for adoption. The foundation provides housing, counseling, education and medical care.

I became intimately involved with David's birth mother and her difficulty in finding support to carry her pregnancy to full term and then her decision to place David for adoption. Her friends and family members felt that abortion would be a better option—"put it all behind you and you can just forget." After one abortion she felt that she needed to carry the baby to term and then place him for adoption. After the adoption she told us that it was the hardest thing she ever had to do, but that it made her face up to the bad choices that she was continuing to make in her life that affected not only herself but her daughter. We also knew a young mother who placed her baby for adoption through this agency.

This is a cause that is close to my heart. I saw first hand how our culture makes it more acceptable to abort a baby then to make a loving adoption plan. As an adoptive mom I also thank God that there are places that allow these precious babies to be born. The mothers will be blessed with the ability to choose the adoptive parents if they decide on adoption or if they choose to raise their baby they are more prepared due to the training they received.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim

wow how providential! What a testimony you will be first hand to these mothers! PTL! =)

Our church does the bottle fundraiser also and we leave a basket underneath a little table for anyone wanting to get rid of baby things (good condition)or has double of baby things or want to give diapers,baby blankets the center. It has been such a wonderful ministry for everyone from young to old to extend & help as we can to the center and witness as God brings the oppurtunity.

May God bless you and this ministry! =)

have a blessed day!


Kim said...

I think that's great that your church also reaches out to these women in need. But there for the grace of God go I, who can say that through different life experiences we would not fall into the same sins these young women have been tempted into. Satan is a great deceiver!
Your right this is something people of all ages can support. It doesn't take physical strength to be a prayer warrior for those in need and what child doesn't love digging for change for a worthy cause.
Our son's birthmother opened my eyes to a very side of American life. She had never attended church and she was against teaching her daughter a religion. She believed children should not be taught within a religion but that when they became an adult they could choose their own. I was very happy that when David was a toddler she began taking her daughter to a good Bible believing church.
As Christmas our family usually prepares a baby Jesus gift. A Moses basket filled with baby items- food, diapers, wipes, clothes and blankets and leaves Jesus' birthday gift at a Crisis Pregnancy Center. I had the basket almost filled already for this years gift when we held our Vacation Bible School mission gift and donated the contents of the basket to that.