Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Movie and Pizzas

Wednesday night our friend Abigail had to work, so her husband Joe came over for dinner. We also invited a mutual friend, Ryan, a college student over. So when we found out that Abigail would have to work again Friday night we arranged for the guys to come to come over Friday night for pizza and a sci-fi movie night. I don't like sci-fi, so I figured I would crawl into the bed with a good book after the pizza.

But, Abigail called yesterday morning asking for our pizza crust recipe, since she was going to make pizza for dinner. Her schedule had changed and she wouldn't be working. Joe had failed to mention he was coming over to our house. So of course, we left the option open for them to come for pizza and they could leave after dinner or stay, or we would understand if they wanted to opt out all together. They decided to come and they stayed for pizza and the movie "Dead Again."

As you can see, our friend Ryan is a cut-up and had lots of fun hamming it up for the camera. His housing situation is a little shakey right now, so we have offered for him to stay here. Since we will be gone for a week next month he would have full run of the house, while giving us the peace of mind that our house is well looked after. Ryan is a very mature and stable student, so we are comfortable with him here. Abigail has offered to look in on Roger and feed him during our absence. So as NASA-loving David would say "All systems are a go."

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Mrs.RGS said...

Kim, your comment about Dollywood being a Silver Dollar City first was interesting. I was raised in Oregon but wanting some adventure after high school I went to live with a friend in Springfiled, Missouri where I eventually met Ray and we were married 18 months later. Anyway, south of Springfield was a Silver Dollar City and Ray and I went there one time. Since then it has grown up to be Branson with all the C&W stars go to play.
WHat you said about our growing up years seeming so normal until we become adults and discover that not every one had some of the securities and stable lives we did. We were very poor-my present health is a result of growing up without medical attention, etc. But, my parents stayed together, neither of them drank and they raised us in a church (Catholic) which gave us a foundation.
I'd love to hear how it was for you growing up.
And, I got Ray's 83 year old aunt to send me some of her early memories and will be posting them on Monday. This should be fun. I'm learning so much from you.