Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Little Red Wagons and Overalls

Katie and her first son, Jonathan will be the guests of honor as we shower them with love, hopefully wisdom and even some gifts. I have been to many of the pastel (yellow, green, blue and pink) parties with the animal theme (ducks, bears, bunnies). So I wanted something different and original in the way of decorations. Since we know it's a boy I thought "Dennis the Menace." I have three different sizes of Radio Flyer wagons to serve food in and plan on using overalls strung on "a clothesline" across the window tops.

David and I found a wonderful limb with a fork in it to make a large slingshot for a table decoration. A galvanized bucket will hold the sodas and instead of a cake I will make a "tiered cake" out of the cupcakes. Red plates and napkins will be used on a table covered in a white cloth and a denim runner.

The ladies of the church will be providing the remainder of the food. My friend Angela will give the devotional and my friend Abigail will lead the games. This is very fitting since Angela gave birth to her little angel just weeks before Katie had Jonathan and Abigail is expecting her first child in December. I don't mind the behind-the-scenes work, just don't make me get up and speak in front of a bunch of people.


Mrs.RGS said...

What a unique idea -- not the routine duckies and bunnies. And I LOVE the way God provides -- He cares about the details -- the perfect limb for your project. Makes my heart smile.

Kelly said...

I love this shower idea, Kim! It'll be such a wonderful event I'm sure! Red wagons...can't beat 'em!

Kim said...

Rita, you are so right He does provide even in the small ways.