Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby Shower Fun

Radio Flyer wagon holding the cupcakes
Yesterday we held our baby shower for Katie and her little son Jonathan. I thought we were going to have a fight as the ladies of the church called dibbs on who would hold him next. I was so much more mature then that (ok,I had already held him that morning in the church nursery.) The ladies relaxed more as Angela brought her little Lacey into the room—two babies to pass around. The babies were born just 12 days apart.

I was very pleased with the way the decorations transformed the room. I had planned on a "cupcake cake" (several layers of cupcakes made to resemble a cake.) But while setting up thought it would go better with the cupcakes inside one of the Radio Flyer wagons we used as the decoration theme for the party and I could just refill with the additional cupcakes if needed. It also gave more room on the table for the wonderful food the other ladies brought. I had a little frog from my photography days I hooked on the wagon and the ladies loved it. A tiny wagon held gummy worms while the slingshots were placed in the backpockets of the overalls.

Washtub ice bucket and glove with baseball
Katie had originally declined a shower, since her family had thrown her one and her work had thrown her another. She had felt it would be too greedy to accept more gifts and as a first time mother she thought she had everything she would need for him. She quickly found that he went through more wipes, diapers and bath supplies than she had expected. Also he has grown very rapidly and the baby clothes weren't going to fit as long as expected. So we were able to use this time to give her a mountain of diapers in many sizes, many boxes of wipes and bathing supplies to last at least into next week. Many guests also gave her wonderful little baby books and music that he will be able to enjoy soon. The outfits she received were in the 6 months and up range.

The ladies playing a riddle game
My friend Abigail joined us for the shower and even lead the games (baby pictionary was so much fun.) Since she is the next to have a baby this was a great experience hearing from another first time mother about the surprises she received with the birth of her son.

I was a little disappointed as I checked with some of the church ladies to see if they would be attending and was told "I really don't know her, so I won't be coming." My first thought is "are you going to know her any better by not attending" and my next thought was "aren't we as the older ladies supposed to teach the younger ladies?"

Katie opening her presents
Katie is very shy and quiet so it is harder to get to know her, but that doesn't mean we are not responsible to try and support her. We did have a good group of core women who are wonderfully supportive and at the end no one seemed inclined to leave as we talked with each other. Not only did the ladies who didn't attend miss out on the chance to support Katie, but they missed the sense of community and friendship that those of us who attended were able to enjoy.


Janet said...

Hi Kim,

I found your blog recently and enjoy reading it! How sweet of you to show your support to Katie and her little one by having and attending a baby shower for her. The decorations were adorable!! Katie looks SO HAPPY opening her gifts. I'm sure having the shower for her was a special blessing to her!! And yes, young moms in the church need the support of the older, experienced ones. :o)

Blessings to you and your family!


Mrs.RGS said...

You want to take this knife out of my heart now?
I've not attended any of the baby showers held by our church because, "She doesn't know me."
You are absolutely right and I'll attend the next time -- and when I feel out of place -- I'll blame you. (ha, ha)
That frog on the wagon was perfect.

Kim said...

Janet- Welcome, we are very glad you have come for a visit. I loved doing the decorations for the shower. Katie was very happy with the ability to get to know some of us older moms who have "been there, done that." This let her know we are there to help answer those questions she had never thought about.

Rita- Sorry, I wasn't trying to hurt anyones feelings. I just know from my own experience that I learned so much from the older ladies in our church when I was a young wife and mother. And I am still learning (both from the young girls and the older ladies.) They will never know how much they influenced me.
I learned from one mother of school age children to keep my son's old highchair and playpen. I have also keep a large basket in the livingroom with baby toys. This has allowed families with babies to know they are safe and welcome in our home. Our friend Abigail loves that she can bring her baby without dragging all those pesky baby items.
As a young child I was in the hospital for several weeks and a family that I didn't know from church sent me a card every day. I still have their cards in a box with my treasures. One of the reasons I treasure them so is that I didn't know them and yet they still spent their time and money to make me feel loved.
But, I have been accused of over thinking things.
I have been blessed so much in my life by others, I just want to pass it on!