Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Touch of Spring

Entry decoration

The entry area in our home brings the joy of spring and Easter inside. I have used my wreath holder to display a picture of David's first Easter. The potpourri has been changed to a green and white theme that, when lit, sends a sweet smell into our home. Last year David found a bird's nest near our home, so I have placed it on a pedestal with mini pastel eggs. The most popular item on the table seems to be the candy store jar of jelly beans, which have had to be replenished several times already.

Nest basket with eggs
Last night we went out, giving Rich a chance to get away from the computer. We checked Lynchburg's Pier One and found a set of two "nest" baskets and some larger pastel eggs that go so well with what I did in the entry. The nest baskets are now displayed in our livingroom, carrying the theme further into the house.


Mrs. Wilt said...

Pretty, pretty! Aren't you ready for the warmer weather to stick around a bit? I know I am!

Mmmmm...jelly beans! :o)

Kim said...

Yes, we were hoping for a warm day today so that we could grill outside. No such luck so it looks like a warm fire instead. But at least we have our Little Dickens books to enjoy (mine is Sandra Lee Semi-homemade desserts!)
I thought of you when I bought my nest baskets, you have to come over and see them.