Friday, March 28, 2008

Free Labor

Today was such a glorious day and there was so much yard work to be done that we felt it was a great day to start. I raked up lots of leaves that fell since the fall, while I had David bag them up. Next our good friend Dan was delivering a couple loads of much-needed mulch to the church playground and he offered to take us to get a load of mulch for our yard. Since we don't have a truck this was a wonderful offer!

Next is a trip to our friend Peg's to get plant and flower clippings for the front of the house. Peg is always so willing to share the product of her green thumb with those around her. I recently found out that many of the plants that have grown in her garden were originally cuttings from her mother's garden.

We have also had alot of strong winds recently which have resulted in tree branches and twigs littering the yard. Since we have a "man's grill" which uses wood we will keep the larger branches for cooking out.


Richard D said...

The weather has been so great lately. I just love Springtime. I just wish you could have posted photos of David and me riding our bikes down the Black Water Creek trail. Just glorious!

Anonymous said...

We, here at the southern tip of Puget Sound are still having snow! Almost unheard of for us. Keep reminding me that spring weather will be ours someday (hopefully soon)
Rita in Oly

Kim said...

Rita- I have missed you! How are you doing? I hope everything is going well for you.
I saw the snow reports and pictures on the news and was thankful all we have is rain. I had hoped to start planting. Our flower bush is overflowing, so we have many beautiful flowers in the house. While the men cooked out on the grill on Saturday, we ate inside.