Monday, March 3, 2008

To God Be The Glory

Gorgeous decorations
Saturday we attended a very unusual wedding. What makes the wedding of our friends Joe and Abigail so different was that the focus was not on them, but so clearly on God.

Upon arriving early at the church we were amazed at how beautifully decorated the church was and how even the smallest details were thought of. My husband and I believe that often the world now surpasses the people of God when it comes to the arts and beauty. We as Christians should aim towards beauty, after all didn't God do this with all of creation? And who could forget the beauty that God demanded for his tabernacle.

But back to the wedding, the center asile was ribboned off and rose petals had been scattered down the path leading up to the alter. There were also jars with candles leading down the aisle. The alter held two beautiful floral arrangments. We were given programs that held information on each bridal party member, order of service and a song that would be sung during the ceremony.

The program
So far pretty much expected, but very well-done, decorations. As the last of the guests were being seated accompanied by a string trio, the expected order of the wedding ended. First, instead of the music that would bring the attendents and bride down the aisle, the music stopped. Instead of the bride or groom, Pastor Mike (our pastor) came out on behalf of the couple. Joe and Abigail had requested that their wedding begin with a short message about what they hold most dear. Mike started with the design that God gave us for marriage out of Genesis. Next we were told of the demands God placed on couples who marry, women are to submit to their husbands and husbands are to love their wives as Christ loves His church. Christ gave his life and died on the cross for the church, his bride. He then concluded that God's desire, along with Joe's and Abigail's is that we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior. Mike then explained that nothing about this day would make them happier than if someone accepted Christ on their wedding day.

The ringbearer's ride
Then the music began, bringing Joe and his groomsmen in. After they had all taken their places, the bridesmaids came down the aisle. The flowergirl had to literally pull the ring bearer to the altar. No he wasn't kicking and screaming, he was Abigail's nephew that was too young to walk so he was in a wagon that had been decorated with tulle and flowers. This sweet little guy sat so well without moving or grabbing at things on his trip down the aisle.

Abigail escorted by her father
Then the bride, the glowing Abigail, escorted by her father came down the aisle. All eyes were on her and hers were only for her handsome groom awaiting her at the altar.

I will be posting details and pictures all this week about the wedding, so make sure you check back.


Mrs. Wilt said...

Oh, how beautiful! I can't wait to see all of the pictures. :o)

Richard D said...

Ask and you shall receive, Mrs. Wilt.

Photos of the wedding