Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kids Serving Christ

Our pastor's wife, Angela, came up with a program called "Kids serving Christ," which we began last year. It's a wonderful program that incorporates learning Bible verses and Bible stories that teach the kids about service to others. The classes range in age from 2- to 10-years old, and each week they "adopt a saint." The saints are usually older people in the church or are home-bound. Sometimes the saint is able to come and speak to the children and the children are given the opportunity to ask questions of the saint. This has brought a sweet fellowship between the oldest and youngest members of our church.

Each week the classes complete a craft geared for their age. The crafts sometimes are saved for gift baskets that are distributed at Easter and Christmas to our adopted saints. Sometimes the craft is sent home and the children are encouraged to give theirs to others (a neighbor or clerk at the store.)

We often only serve our children, thereby depriving them of the joy of serving others. It also tends to give them a feeling of entitlement. They are the future of our churches and we need to start preparing them at a young age to teach them service to God and others.

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