Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McKinley

As Abigail reached the altar where her groom awaited her, her father in a clear, steady voice gave her to Joe on behalf of himself and his wife. Joe's father officiated during the exchanging of the vows and rings. As Abigail took her wedding vows she didn't promise to love, honor and obey—yes she dropped the word obey.

The Kiss!
Instead she replaced it with the more biblical "submit." This is the first wedding we have ever attended that this was done, and Rich and I loved the change. Joe was reminded of the seriousness of his vows. He is to love Abigail like Christ loves his bride, the Church. Christ laid down his life for the church and Joe must be willing to do this for his bride. Joe's father also reminded them that their vows were not based on if they felt the other was fulfilling their vows.

The ring that Abigail placed on Joe's finger was a very special one. The ring had been placed on Joe's grandfather's hand 54 years ago. The ring remained on his hand for the fifty-year marriage of his grandparents, until after the death of his grandmother. Abigail's brother-in-law then said a prayer of dedication over the couple.

"In Christ Alone"
At the end of the vows, with cameras poised awaiting for the kiss, another God honoring turn occured. Instead of the kiss we all joined the wedding party for the singing of "In Christ Alone." At this point with camera at the ready, David leaned over and said "oh no I missed the kiss", he had been waiting throughout the ceremony in order to capture this image. I explained that they had not kissed yet, but should do so soon.

Beaming husband & wife
Then Dr. McKinley presented Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McKinley, followed by the moment David had been waiting for—The Kiss! Cameras flashed and all three of us got that moment of their first kiss as newlyweds. The glow on their faces spoke it all. They just beamed. After walking back down the aisle Joe dipped Abigail and gave her another kiss.

Following the ceremony, guests mingled outside the church for a while before heading to the reception.

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