Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Power To Me

Yesterday the day started with such promise. The house was clean and all I needed to do was grocery shop for next week and two loads of laundry to have everything done.

That's when it all went horribly wrong. I got back from shopping to find that the school had called and David was having a bad day. This included him turning in a library book with the cover ripped off. He then explained that I had done it and it wasn't his fault. Only, when he went to school the book was perfectly intact.

The librarian called and told us that we would need to pay for it. He later admitted that he had been horseplaying on the bus and had been kicking the book which resulted in the cover being torn off. But, this really made me look bad with the librarian.

Then a short while later the house shook and the lights flickered. Then all power went out—no lights, no phone and no internet. We looked outside and there are wires down across our small road. We looked down the road and saw an RL Carriers truck had pulled down the overhead wires and the wires were stuck in between his cab and trailer.

Since Rich was working on a big time sensitive project, we headed to Panera's to hook up on their wi-fi, only their network was down also. So on to the church for a wi-fi hookup for Rich.

I went home to wait on the power and was pleasantly surprised that they came on shortly after I got home.

Already we have had a visitor from the phone company since our neighbor's phone was out due to the down lines. They were looking for an eye witness so they would know who was responsible for the damage. Luckily I had sent Rich out with his camera and he took pictures of the truck and the damage it caused.

Needless to say I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. But, I have to admit it makes an interesting story.


Mrs.RGS said...

I commented yesterday on your post but it disappeared into cyber land.

I was without power from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. one day last week and it was no fun. I curled up next to a window on nice and warm and read for several hours but it got boring and I wanted to do more -- but there was very little I could do in the house and I didn't have any errands that needed doing. When the power went back on I was dancing around here as happy as King David was before the Ark.

Kim said...

Luckily we have a fireplace so it can be rather nice with a roaring fire and good book. We went to the used bookstore last week and I picked up a couple good books- one about Mary Todd Lincoln. I think it's more novel then historical accuracy. But the writing is good and I might have to research to see if some of the information is historically correct.

A. Kay Daniel said...

Isn't mothering a boy an interesting trip?! The humbling part is knowing that God gave us children to help us better see His Father relationship with us, and to help us grow up!