Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally Snow

This morning we finally got more then five minutes of flurries. This snow fall lasted just over an hour. Since there was no school today, due to teacher work day, David happily ran outside to play in the snow.

I thought we might have snow last night since our deer family came out early in the evening looking for food. Yes, not only have we brought Roger the rabbit into our home, now we have a family of four deer that explore our backyard for food. When it was really cold last week we found the family within a few feet of our back door. That is when we started to put apples on the back patio every few days. Yesterday when I peeked outside around 4:00 pm I saw the deer were already eating their dinner.

A turkey is roasting in the oven and after dinner we will sit by the fire and enjoy a good movie. I just wish that "Fireproof" was out today instead of tomorrow!

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