Thursday, January 15, 2009

High School Already?

Shortly before school broke for the Christmas break the eight grade students brought home papers preparing parents for High School. Yes, I think as David's parent I am less prepared than David is for the upcoming changes.

I think our school system is better at preparing the students for their futures than mine was as I entered high school. I remember that we had a field trip to the high school in order to become familiar with it but that was about all. I don't remember any career assessments or meetings with counselors to schedule our classes.

You could always request a meeting with a counselor, but it wasn't necessary. When it was time to schedule, they gave us a list of the classes that were required and the remainder could be filled in as we saw fit. Then they set up tables in an auditorium and we went from table to table to try to get all the classes scheduled. Sometimes we would have to start all over when we found that a mandatory class was all filled up in the only spot we had left on our schedule.

David—almost a high schooler
Tonight the parents of eight graders are being encouraged to attend a Parent Program with Guidance counselors from the high school. So guess where I'll be tonight.
In March the school will hold a Career Fair during school hours.

But, so much changes in the years from middle school until graduation in our world it can be hard for a student to know what jobs will be even around in when it's time to enter the work force. This became clear when we spoke with our friend Ryan last night. Much of his classes deal with finances. With the economy in the shape it's in and the government entering as business partners in much of the banking and auto industries, are the principles he has learned going to be practiced in the future?

It is reasurring that David's future isn't held in my hands, but in the hands of our Creator.


Sharon said...

Isn't it amazing at how the time flies! He's so cute! Enjoy every minute as it goes so quickly!

Kim said...

It is amazing. The meeting last night really made me happy that we are in a school district that has so many opportunities for the kids in the public school system.

A. Kay Daniel said...

I love this picture you posted of David. What a treasure he is!

Kim said...

Rich took this picture of David when we were at Panera's. We were sitting next to the fireplace while David was drawing.