Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

Today begins a new year and I haven't quite caught up with last year yet.
We had Rich's parents visiting over Christmas and between the before-visit prep, the visit, and the clean-up following the visit I have had very little time to even sit down—let alone blog.

Their visit prompted me to completely unpack every single box that still remained from our move. I also cleaned the house and basement (where all the boxes were stored) from top to bottom. Then the decorating and planning of meals all before the visit had be exhausted before they even got here.

They arrived a few hours earlier then expected, just as I was finishing the final touches in the kitchen. Since it was Christmas Eve, I then had dinner to prepare and we all went to the candlelight worship service.

Christmas morning came bright and early with David waking us up at 5 in the morning. With the gift opening, cooking and cleaning I was on my feet all day.
After Christmas we took the opportunity to show Rich's parents around the town that we have fallen in love with. Since this was only their second visit to our home, their first visit just one month after moving to our new town, we took them to all the neat little places we have discovered.

Our guests have now all gone home and the clean-up has begun. Our livingroom still shows signs of hurricane K'Nex that are left over from Christmas morning. The decorations are still up and probably won't be packed up until David is back in school.

Even with clean-up still in progress I feel very blessed today sitting next to the fire with my handsome men beside me. My prayer is that I remember to feel as blessed and content every day this year as I do tonight.


A. Kay Daniel said...

Sounds to me like the decorating and meal planning chores were not the only things to be exhausted during the holidays! I've enjoyed reading and viewing (via Rich's fb photos) the accounts of your Christmas. May you all have a blessed New Year!

Mrs.RGS said...

I know you must be looking forward to Monday when David goes to school and you have the house to yourself -- just you and Roger.
All that work created wonderful memories for everyone. May the Peace of our Lord be yours all 2009!

Kim said...

A. Kay- Yes, there was lots of work that exhausted me, but the day trips really pushed me to the limits- cook, go out, come in cook and clean. We did have many fun events planned.

Mrs. RGS- Yeah, it's Monday!!! Rich works out of the house, so he will also keep me company. Roger seems very happy this morning to get back to his normal schedule. He is looking up at me with his big eyes pleading with me to get down and sit with him. The housework might have to wait for a few extra minutes.

I hope you both have a wonderful and blessed new year.