Monday, December 31, 2007

Organizing Pictures

I am so happy, this year I organized all my digital images in one place. Early in the summer I purchased the Creative Memories Memory Manager and uploaded CD after CD onto my computer on our vacation trip to Florida. With three photographers in the family you can imagine this was no small task, however, I can now find any image I need for the last three years in a matter of minutes.

Memory Manager 2.0
On our trip to Disney World followed by Kennedy Space Center we took over 2,000 images. I love to scrapbook, but I didn't want to print that many pictures! The Memory Manager software has a feature that tracks what images have been printed and what you still want to print. This was a big help in comparing images and getting them printed. It also allows me to make my own folders and place the same image into more than one folder without actually duplicating the file. Even my husband, who is a computer wiz and told me I could set something like this up myself, has been impressed with the capability. He has even suggested to his bosses that they use this software for the graphic designers in order to be able to retrieve graphics from past projects quickly. If you have lots of images and have a hard time tracking down the "picture I know is here somewhere," you might want to check into it.

My husband and son also purchased me the Storybook Creator Plus from Creative Memories for Christmas. I am just exploring what it has to offer. I had fun last night creating some pages and then ordering them on line. I don't think overall this will replace my hands on cropping, but it is fun to explore new ways to preserve my family memories.

If you want to check out either software you can look up my consultant's web site or the Creative Memories site.

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