Monday, December 10, 2007

An Olde World Christmas

The ladies of our church had our annual Christmas party last night, this year's theme was "An Olde World Christmas." The tables are set to seat eight, with a hostess at each table. Each table this year was decorated as a different European nation. I chose to decorate my table based on my heritage. Both of my maternal grandparents are Dutch, so my nation was the Netherlands. I pulled out the wooden shoes that my grandfather gave me as a young teen along with carrots and golden chocolate coins. The children of Holland place carrots and hay in their shoes for Sinterklaas. These are replaced (by Sinterklaas) with small gifts. I had fun researching the differences in how we celebrate here and how they celebrate overseas.

The other hostesses chose England, Spain, Ireland, France, Germany, and Switzerland. Each hostess was very creative in their decorating, however, as each hostess told of the traditions in their nation much of the same practices were woven into each culture. The two ladies who decorated the food tables did an amazing job. Their tables looked like they were decorated by the professionals at Williamsburg. One of the side benefits of this style of decorating is that instead of using disposable plates, cups and plasticware, each hostess brings their own china, glassware and silverware. The guests then brought food—much of it ethnic—to keep up the theme of the evening.

This is a great chance to invite family and friends or just to get to know other ladies in the church that your paths don't cross very often.


Kelly said...

Hey Kim!

I was checking out some of the blogs linked to Mrs. Wilt's Christmas tradition post (aren't those fun to read!) and found yours...and you turn out to be the owner of the Dutch wooden shoes!! I'd commented in Mrs. Wilt's post on the Olde World dinner about how cute they were and how we have a pair that were my husband's grandfather's. How funny that I stumbled unknowingly across the owner of the pair pictured on The Sparrow's Nest. :o) Cool!

Have a bright and cheerful Christmas!

het lieveheersbeestje said...

Hi Kim, I just discovered your lovely blog. And as I am dutch, I was intrested in your dutch table. Well, it looks great! My husband (who is ethiopian, haa!) is still wearing wooden shoes when he works outside the house, and so are my oldest sons. I don't wear them myself as it hurts my feet too much.. But they are very practical and safe. If you want to ask me anything about holland, than just ask me on our blog.
Have a nice christmas,
Mama lieveheersbeestje.

Kim said...

It's great to have a guest from Holland. I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas (since you celebrate early in December- see I did my research.) When I tried on my wooden shoes they didn't fit so I have only used them for decoration, also they remind me of my grandparents in New York.
Thanks for visiting and please come again.