Friday, December 7, 2007

A Childhood First

When we think of our children's firsts we think of their first steps, first tooth, or first word. But, today our son experienced a first that was not a reason for celebration. David's first "girlfriend" called and said that due to the distance between where they live they couldn't really be girlfriend and boyfriend anymore. David took it pretty well, but it broke this mother's heart. David will take a while to process this before he is willing to talk about it, but they agreed to stay friends.

Two years ago David came to me asking how to ask a girl out and what to do on a date. After talking it out with me he asked Mackenzie on a date (with the parents) to see The Chronicles of Narnia. We all had a good time and the two have spent some good times together. However, with them living 3 hours away from each other they don't see each other often enough to sustain the relationship they would like. Mackenzie is a wonderful Christian young lady and I am fortunate that she was my son's first experience in the world of relationships. She and her family will continue to be in our hearts and prayers.

The benefit of this was that he wanted to spend more cuddle time with mom today and for that I am thankful that he can find comfort and love at home.

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