Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Christmas Heirloom

When I began scrapbooking several years ago Creative Memories came out with this beautiful album. I display it only at Christmas and add just one double-page spread each year. The opening page is our title page with our son's first Christmas picture, where he is dressed up as Santa Claus. Each year we have added a double-page spread that sums up what that Christmas meant to us. One year it featured our David when he was a toddler wearing his daddy's shoes and helping him decorate the house, while another year is our Florida Christmas. It always includes the picture we have included in our Christmas cards. It is hard to believe that we will complete our thirteenth spread this year. I love reviewing past Christmases while preparing a family heirloom for future generations.

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Katie said...

What a nice (and fun) legacy you are creating! I am VERY into my family's history and their old photographs. I am so thankful we still have them. David is going to treasure this forever, and how much fun is he going to have looking back through the years! This being Amelia's first Christmas, I may just have to adopt this tradition for us, too!