Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mount Vernon

This past weekend Rich had to be in Northern Virginia for work, so a day trip was in order. Even though we had lived close to Mount Vernon, George and Martha Washington’s home, we had never taken David there. Both Rich and I had taken school trips to visit this historic house. One of my school trips even included a boat ride up the Potomac to the house. One of the reasons we never took David was that as a historic landmark with much of the original furnishings it is not a good place for a child that needs to touch everything.

We were very fortunate since last week was very cold we weren't sure how long we would tour the grounds. But, the weather was beautiful with the bluest sky and just the right temperature for a light jacket.

David standing in George’s fireplace
Mount Vernon is unusual in that it never left the Washington family until a group of ladies in the early 1800s formed a group and purchased the property for $200,000.00. The ladies felt the house should remain as it was during our first president’s years in residence. The ladies were very fortunate that at the time of George Washington’s death there was a complete inventory of everything in the house, down to the smallest item. So most of the pieces in the home were in use during the Revolutionary War and the years of Washington’s presidency. The house remained open for tours during the Civil War and many soldiers on both sides passed through the house, but they were required to lay down their arms first.

David's picture up the inside of the fireplace
You know David. His favorite part of the trip was playing in the yard next to the river. His second favorite activity of the day was eating at the Mount Vernon Inn. There is a food court at the complex with pizzas and burgers, but we went for atmosphere. The Mount Vernon Inn specializes in Colonial-era food and is served by workers in period costumes. The portions were so large that we decided to save half to take home in order to save room for dessert. Since we were at George’s house I had to order a cherry pie to honor him. Yes, I know the chopping down of the cherry tree is not a true story, but I still couldn’t resist. David ate his whole meal, Rich’'s potatoes, his dessert, half of my cherry pie and half of Rich’s chocolate cake.

This is a must-see place for anyone in the area.

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