Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Lovely Weekend

This past Saturday was Valentine's Day and I had the day planned for my sweethearts. The night before, I had given my men their gifts—a nice bottle of wine and a movie for my hubby while David got a stuffed dog and beautiful crystal drinking glass. David loves to drink out of our fancy crystal and since he isn't always so graceful this was also a gift for us. I received a book on genealogy and a glass pitcher.

The next morning we headed out early to deliver David to Saturday school (once again.) Rich and I then headed to the local market where they were holding the "Chocolate Challenge." Local people could enter different types of chocolate for looks and taste and there were lots of chocolate venders that we were able to purchase from. We bought a few goodies for each other and some close friends. We then headed over to a great coffee shop across the street. Rich and I had breakfast and had lots of time together before picking David up.

David and me at the restaurant
After getting David we headed for lunch at a wonderful restaurant next to train tracks, just the type of place to interest David. Once again he ordered calamari and you would think he hadn't eaten in a month. There were several trips out to the porch for him as trains would go by.

The best part of the day came next and was a live play at his future high school. The nationally aclaimed drama department was putting on "Disney's Beauty and the Beast." We had heard lots of good comments about the drama department and so when I had to plunk down $10.00 a piece for a high school play I was a bit worried. But, I thought with so many school systems that have cut all their art programs due to budget problems this is one way to keep a program going.

After lunch we headed to the school a full 45 minutes before the program was to begin. When we got there we were surprised to see that the parking lot was already almost completely full. The auditorium was beautiful and very large, but was quickly filling up. There was not only a center stage and orchestra pit, but also a small stage on both sides of the main stage. Luckily we got a place up close and sat back to wait for the show to begin.

The stage settings and costumes were amazing! Everything looked so professional. The acting and singing was wonderful and the kids weren't even fazed when a prop that was to go off stage became detached from the piece that was to drag it off stage. This resulted in a wishing well right in the middle of the beasts castle. The kids acted around it and when Belle walked off stage at the end of the scene she just pushed it off.

It proved to be well worth the price of the tickets and we hope to attend more of these productions in the future. David was shocked that the kids who acted, played in the orchestra, made the sets and costumes were only a few years older then he is. He has already expressed an interest in working on the props in next year's production.
By the time we got home we were all exhausted and ready for an early bedtime.


Decadent Housewife said...

Enjoying popping in and out of your blog. We did Beauty a few years ago. Aside from costume design and sewing, I got to be a singing dish, "Be Our Guest!"

Buff, our youngest, only 13 at the time, but near six foot by then, played the young prince and was thrilled that he was first on stage.

He and his brother also were the knives waiting the table as Beauty and the Beast fell in love over a meal. All our kids have either acted, or played music in operettas. It is so much fun!
Thanks for posting this.

Kim said...

I have to hand it to you because I could never act in a play. I'm more of the behind the scenes person. I have made lots of costumes for church plays and enjoy the creativity.
David wants to be in plays, until it comes down to actually being on stage. Rich is always in whatever church production that's going on.
Glad to have you visit.

Kelly said...

What a wonderful Valentine's Day, Kim! You're so blessed to have those two special men in your life! Grace would've ADORED that play! She's super into the princesses. :o) Have a blessed weekend, mama!