Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Failure to Communicate

Sunday night when David was putting his toys away (O.K. throwing his toys into a container in the closet) the bucket broke. This resulted in the cry "I can't finish my room because the bucket is broken." Oh so very convenient.

Yesterday morning I went out to Target to get more containers in different sizes for his toys. So last night I made David clean out his entire closet and place the different toys in their own containers with lids. So all the Legos went in one container, the K'Nex in another, and so it went. This made him overjoyed. (Ok, I'm being a bit sarcastic.) The job he got out of the day before because of the abuse in putting his things away resulted in an entire evening of cleaning. After two and a half hours he called to me “Mom, I'm finally finished.”

When I arrived in his room for the inspection you can imagine my surprise when the sight that greeted me included clothes on the floor toys stacked in the corner and papers just shoved onto his bookshelf. This is not my idea of clean, but he claims he didn't see what the problem was. When I calmly told him “Honey, this is not clean” he told Rich I was being really mean because I called him “Honey.” He even told Rich I didn't understand how hard it is because even the kitchen doesn’t get this dirty.

Rich explained the reason it doesn’t is that I am constantly working at it to prevent a massive problem for our family. I will say the toys in the containers in the closet were done very well and that was clean. But there was more work to do.

He did have to clean the rest of the room and finished just minutes before bedtime. I am hoping this process will show him he will only delay and increase his work when it’s not done correctly right away.


Mary Fuller said...

Dear Kim,

I wish I could learn what you are teaching David. It causes me no end of trouble to put things off. You are so right, maintenance is the key to it. When we let down our guard it takes a whole day to catch up -- just for ignoring the extra 10 to 15 minutes it would have taken to put it back the right way.

Keep going Kim, David and his wife will one day thank you for it!!

Kim said...

I know, it's hard for all of us. I know I would like to forget that dishes ever need to be cleaned, but with no dishwasher in the house it can get out of hand and fast!

Mrs.RGS said...

You were being mean to him by calling him "Honey". LOL for several minutes. Tears in eyes. Oh my, you are one tough Mom.

And then say that the kitchen never gets that dirty. Oh dear. He is really reaching to fine some excuse. Too, too funny.

And why just the kitchen. The bathroom, your bedroom, the living room, dining room, Roger's cage, etc. He should be glad he ONLY has his room to clean!!!!

Kim said...

Mrs RGS- When I read David your comment he said "Hmm, I find that . . . not funny." I must say he has a good sense of humor- like when I wouldn't let him clean up the rest of the mess before I captured it for my blog.