Friday, December 5, 2008

A Grand Announcement

Wednesday when David returned home from school he made a grand announcement: "I think I'll write a book about my life." This is a very funny announcement coming from a thirteen year old. When we asked him why he said he has led an interesting life and thinks other kids would like to read about it. He says the book will be about him from the time he was one until now. I guess he was bored when he was a baby.

I am thankful that David has reached the point in his life where he can recognize that not all children have such wide experiences. I was also a bit shocked that he didn't think his life was boring—a common feeling for a thirteen year old.

Yes, he has done and seen many things that most kids have never done. He has gone to professional baseball games and at Camden Yards Stadium our family was the guest of the Orioles. We were given free hats, food and tickets. We have seen the Titanic Exhibit and seen actual items taken from the bottom of the ocean. We have gone to Dollywood, Kings Dominion and all the Disney parks in Florida. We have gone to NASA, the Smithsonians and even seen the president's helicopter land on the White House lawn. David has even been in the pages of a magazine three times.

The best part of all of this was that we did these as a family unit. There was a mother and father to share these memories with. When we grow up we think all families live like ours but he has really been realizing more each day that this is not the case.

So we may have a budding writer in our family.


Mrs.RGS said...

What an incredible statement from one so young!
Laura Wilder wrote about her life because she, too, realized that she had a loving family life that not everyone had.
Keep us updated on David's progress as he writes.

Kim said...

I am glad that David is recognizing that he has a pretty good life. He didn't have time this weekend to do any writing and I wonder if he will find it harder to actually sit down and put his thoughts down on paper (or in the computer) then he thought.

Mary Fuller said...

Great job, Kim, in teaching him to observe his surroundings and to be content and overjoyed with what he has. I would love to meet that boy. The more I hear about him, the more I can't wait to see what God will make of him. I am so glad he has two wonderful, godly parents who love him so much. Can't wait to meet you, for that matter!! It's on my list of things to do before I'm fifty!!

Kim said...

I think it's great that you and Rich have reconnected. I know that he loves having you write on his blog.
It would be fun to get the families together, maybe in the summer.