Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Pageant

Sunday evening our church put on a Christmas pageant that involved our adult choir and the children in the church. Rich sang in the choir so I took pictures from the balcony.

The children in their costumes were so adorable. I was so glad that they allowed all the children who wished to participate to be involved. Even our pastor's seven-month-old daughter was able to be a little lamb. The only problem with this was that the slightly older lambs wanted to play with her instead of paying attention to the music and the play going on around them.

Having been a children's photographer for six years I love to watch children. It was so much fun to watch the children's antics as the adults sang Christmas carols behind them. They began making faces, using their shepherds crooks to "capture" their friends and our pastor's young son checking the bottom of his shoe. We had two little lambs that must have realized that sheep don't wear shoes so they decided to remove their own.

The choir and children did a wonderful job. Many of our church members brought unsaved family members to watch the pageant. It was a great outreach with light snacks served in the fellowship hall after the program.

The church had so many people who worked hard on the program. They also stayed late into the night Saturday in order to return the sanctuary and hall back to order following Saturday's wedding.

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