Friday, November 30, 2007

Good week at school

Only 1 phone call from school this week! Woohoo!

Most parents would not consider just one phone call from the school for the week a great success, but Rich and I are not most parents.

Our son has been in special education classes since second grade, starting with self contained classes to off-site day treatment centers. He began his seventh grade year in regular LD classes, changes classes each period and has a regular education Physical Education/Health class. In the special education classes he has been in since first grade, he did not regularly receive homework, did not have to be responsible for changing classes, and was not required to make sure all his needed supplies were with him.

The move to public school LD classes has been a huge jump and there have been many growing (and groaning) pains. But, we feel this is a necessity if we are to achieve the goal of making David a man who takes responsibility for himself. David does have some accommodations due to his disabilities, but he seems to finally be catching on. He has had a one-on-one for the last several weeks that helps to ensure that we are aware of homework that needs to be completed. She also reminds him when he is losing focus or getting off-task. We wanted this in place to get him up to speed with what all the other students have learned as they have progressed from grade to grade for the past six years. We do not plan on this being a long term necessity.

Yes, he still finds homework a pain and will try to think up ways to get out of it, but will presently get down to business and complete it. He is doing so well in science that when he returns to school after the Christmas break the school is planning on placing him in a regular education hands-on science class! We know that there will be more battles and issues ahead, but weeks like this help us to know that all our work is having some impact.

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