Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cooking For The Future

While reading From Emotions to Advocacy, I was convicted about the need to make both short term and long term goals for our son. One of our goals is to teach him the ability to plan and prepare meals. He has helped us with menu suggestions and some of the cooking. However he has never had to pick the menu, check the supplies, shop for the missing supplies and do all the needed prep and cooking of the meal. This weekend we decided to have him cook a meal on Saturdays—with all the steps. With some help from Mom and Dad this meal was a great success. David made Provolone Burgers and they were wonderful.

We found that this was good timing, since Disney's "Ratatouille" about a rat chef has just been released. He is enjoying the smells of the different spices that are added to create new tastes and smells. David even helped Dad the following day to make homemade spaghetti!

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