Friday, November 6, 2009

He Said What?

Our family is one of the dying breeds of families that eat each breakfast and dinner together at the diningroom table. Many families will do family devotions at this time, but we save ours for bedtime. David’s mind tends to be too active at dinnertime for concentrating on God’s Word. So at dinner we use the time to have family discussions and this has lead to some funny moments recently.

Following a bite, David recently began to sputter and cough. Once he was able to talk again he told us the food went down his “sarcophagus” the wrong way. Maybe this is a result of our bedtime devotions of Romans 3:13 Their throat is an open sepulchre; With their tongues they have used deceit: The poison of asps is under their lips, but it brought gales of laughs to the table that night.

Just this weekend David went to play with a friend and at dinner that night Rich asked a very manly question, “what does his father do?” Of course, Rich’s question was meant to find out what job the other father had. But, David—in true kid fashion—responded with, “He smokes.” You guessed it, another round of laughter.

I treasure these moments since I know that they will not last forever. I also feel sorry for families that are not able or willing to come together for these moments.

I thought I would share David’s school picture with all of you. The tie was his idea. But, in true David fashion, he was all excited to have picture day, but when it was time to take the pictures he decided he wasn’t going to have his taken. Luckily, I was there and told him he had no choice, he was going to get his taken.

As a photographer I am very concerned about the copyrights of photographs. Many of my own photographs and Rich’s have been used without permission or credit for the purpose the image was intended for. So, let me state: I do have copyright permission from Lifetouch Studios to reproduce this school image and use the image on my blog.


Sharon said...

I think it's wonderful that you have breakfast and dinner together and you also do family devotions! These are things that are like glue to keep your family close and together!

:0) Sharon

Sharon said...

P.S. It's scary that people have used your photos without your permission. Have you seen them out there on the web?

Kim said...

Sharon- we have seen our photographs on other blogs. One was a "friend" and after seeing our pictures almost weekly (without our knowledge or permission) we asked that she ask permission first. After this continued without asking permission and her no longer speaking to us, we asked that she no longer use our pictures. So the next time we saw one of our photographs on her blog, with "courtesy of" beneath the picture, we told her she must remove our pictures and no longer use them. One of the final straws was when someone had even commented on the beautiful picture and her reply comment did not even acknowledge that it was ours.
The images had been taken from a web site that my husband ran and used our photographs on.
We have gladly shared our images with others, but it is ours to give and not others to take.

rita said...

As usual, I love to hear about David's wisdom!!

Kim said...

Yes, Rita David is quite a character. We never have a dull moment (even when we need one!)