Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Foolish Little Man

Last week I shared how David was having to write sentences in order to get him to listen better. His listening has gotten a bit better, but his behavior is still not up to what it should be.

Even though this is spring break we can't let this area slide and let him just have fun so I have changed what he is to write. Last week it was directions, but this week I began him at Proverbs 1:2. He must listen then write down what I say. I am quoting just a section of the verse, but at the end of the passage he must read back to me what he wrote. This has caused him some concern as he can't always read what he wrote. If it is wrong he must rewrite the verse.

Since so much of Proverbs deals with the wise versus the foolish man I thought that would be the perfect place to begin. As we are going along I am explaining what the verse means so that he also gets the concept.

It is not the spring break that I had envisioned. I had planned on taking him to the Y's pool but since he busted his knee I can't do that. It has been rainy and not so nice outside, but since we do need the rain I'm not complaining.


rita said...

That's a great idea, Kim. Two lessons in one!

Kelly said...

I really like that idea, Kim! I'm filing it away for the future. :o)

How is your weather today? Our weekend was beautiful but is followed up by the ugliest day today. Ah well, we all know what they say about April showers. Hoping it pans out!