Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Capitol

The Capitol Building with cherry trees
We arrived at the Capital building and had just a few minutes before our tour began. We began the tour with a film that explained the history of the building and the laws that were passed to change the course of our nation.
One of the statues in the Capitol Building
We had a wonderful tour guide who escorted us through the public areas of the building. The beauty of the building can not be described. There was a purpose and meaning behind all the craftmanship that is displayed. The kids were amazed by the fact that the mural on the ceiling was done with the ceiling in place and the artist had to paint from scaffolding. The painting is of George Washington surrounded by 13 maidens. The sheer weight of the dome as we stood directly under it caused some worried looks—8,909,200 pounds of cast iron. With all this work ceing done long before the mammoth construction trucks we have today.
George Washington and maidens - the Capitol Dome
As I gazed around the rooms we passed through it brought a deep sense of pride in being an American. It also made me wonder what the building would look like if it were designed today. Would we have spent so much time and effort on conveying who we are and ensuring the building would be survive for many generations?
David in front of the Capitol Building
After the tour we walked past the Supreme Court and we had around an hour and a half to see the sights on our own. Of course, David wanted to head over to the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum. This is always David's favorite place to visit when he is in Washington.
One of the Capitol Building skylights
The bus ride back was very long, in fact we arrive back at the school an hour and a half late.


rita said...

Your photography is wonderful. Great shots.

thatmom said...

I LOVE the one of David!

Kim said...

I love the architecture in Washington. Everything is so classic and beautiful so it is easy to get good pictures. But, thanks!