Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where Did My Time Go?

First let me thank everyone for their prayers. David is doing pretty well. Tomorrow is his orthopedic appointment and we will see how well he is healing. Rich plays doctor every night and changes David's bandage while I play surgical nurse and prepare all the needed supplies and pass them to him during the procedure.

David has used this situation to his full advantage. His "invalid" status is pulled out whenever he wants to get away with something—"I can't pick up my dirty clothes because of my crutches." Of course, his crutches weren't a problem when he wanted to pick up a toy just a minute before. Yesterday as he was ready to go to school I caught him carrying his crutches while running trying to get a toy out of the house before I caught him. I caught him and made him put it away.

I am amazed at how much time is taken up with caring for him. I drive him to and from school everyday. Going to get his medicine and bandages and cleaning the wound every night takes up more of our day. Then there are the added chores like taking out the trash that must be done.

David tried to do a lot more playing tonight and is feeling the effects. His knee is not doing as well tonight. This is a lesson I knew he would need to learn by experience.

I am hoping that tomorrow the doctor will say he is progressing well since his field trip is at the end of next week. After all the fighting with the school I am hoping he can still go. Next week will be very busy for us—two doctors appointments, the ladies Bible study, the kids coming over on Wednesday and the field trip so we will need strength to get through it.


rita said...

I had been wondering about when the field trip was scheduled and if David's mishap would change your plans. Looking forward to hearing how the doctor's visit goes.

Kelly said...

Oh no, Kim! Praying that he heals up quickly!!