Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Is In The Air

After last weeks snow storm and freezing weather it appeared that spring was not ready to appear. But this week we were able to eat outside one evening and the flowers are raising their heads out of the ground. I love the colors and beauty as the world awakens after the long sleep of winter.

However, the spring in the air plays havoc with my allergies. I have tried lots of different prescription and non-prescription meds to combat them. Unfortunately none have seemed to work for me. Even the doctors have commented that there is nothing more that they can try. So for the last several nights I have slept on the sofa with my head propped up. Not a very comfortable way to get a good nights sleep! But at least I can breathe and not keep poor Rich up all night with my coughing and sneezing.

This also means that the last several days I have had to drag myself from chore to chore because of my lack of sleep. I also keep trying meds to reduce the effects of allergies, which makes me very tired.

Our friends Joe and Abigail called to see if they could come over for dinner last night. We had already issued an open-ended invitation to them so it didn't create any problems. We had such a wonderful time of fellowship and this was the first night that Isabella came over. She was wide-eyed and David had such a fun time showing her his inventions. Now, remember Isabella is not quite 3 months old.

David was thrilled that they came over since our other "kids" are all on spring break. David waits outside for our guests to come and often walks the pretty girls back out after dinner. So the unexpected guests made David's night.


Kelly said...

Have you ever tried a neti pot, Kim? I never had seasonal allergies until after I was pregnant with Grace (kids, LOL!) but didn't want to take anything during breastfeeding. I used a neti pot from my local health food was wonderful!! I was scared to use it at first thinking that I'd drown myself standing up, LOL, but it's simple and works!!

Lydia McGrew said...

I have to admit that Singulair works for me. But the other thing that helps a lot is a really good air filter on the central fan and keeping the windows closed. I know that's really hard to bring oneself to do in beautiful weather. But if you do have central heating/AC or any way to run a central fan with an air filter on it, get a fresh filter on it and run the fan all day with the windows closed to get as many spores and pollens out of the air as possible.

Kim said...

Kelly, I had never heard of a neti pot. But, I may give it a try. The allergies have calmed down a bit the last few nights.
Lydia- I also seem to have problems with closed up air systems. Planes and hotel rooms make me so stuffed up I can hardly breathe and it seems to happen with a closed up house.

I never use to have problems until about 10 years ago and then wham. I guess allergies is a small infliction compared to what many others live through.

Lydia McGrew said...

Yeah, planes and hotels can be terrible. It's my opinion that the air isn't really properly filtered and circulated. And of course there's probably a lot of dust. The best way, unfortunately, to make sure your house filters stuff ideally, is a little expensive: It's a large filter-medium filter added right next to the furnace/AC in your furnace room. It requires a visit from the AC people, and the filters are _much_ larger than regular AC/furnace filters. They also last somewhat longer. They look like big accordions and are a bit fiddly to change. But they really filter stuff out and make a closed house seem much fresher when the central fan is running.

You might be able to get something like the same effect with just a new filter on your AC/furnace and keeping the central fan running, even if it wasn't one of these big filters, but that does require a central air system. Just shutting up the house by itself isn't going to help much and will make it seem very stuffy.