Thursday, May 13, 2010

A New Hobby

We are a family that really gets into our hobbies. When we have a new interest we read up and research it, so that we can enjoy it to the fullest.

Well, Rich and David have found another new hobby—sushi making. While at the bookstore a few weeks ago Rich found a kit that included the tools and DVD on how to make sushi. He couldn't pass it up—on sale and a food he loves! When we lived in Lynchburg our local grocery store sold fresh made raw sushi. However, our local store only sells California rolls. So Rich and David have been going through withdrawal. I, on the other hand, do not like sushi.

We purchased the supplies and Rich and David were off. They had a great time working together to decide what would be in the sushi. It was fun seeing them learn this new skill together. David had to try each componant of the roll as they were making them. They got so into the craft that they had enough left over following dinner to take for their lunches the next day.

David came home the following day and said all the teachers were jealous of the sushi. Everyone was amazed that he and his father made it themselves.

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