Monday, April 19, 2010

Government Logic

Having done family research for many years, I of course have used the United States census reports. While the census records can contain errors—misspelled names, incorrect birthdates, or incorrect places of birth—I have found they are invaluable records. A census report was the place I learned that my great-great grandfather was a blacksmith. I have also seen the heart break of high infant mortality rates.

My “free” U.S. Census t-shirt

So when the census report is sent to our home I do not have to be prodded to complete it and return it in a timely fashion. I didn’t like the television ads that had run since February telling us to look for the census reports. So I was a bit annoyed when I received a postcard in the mail stating that I should get my census report the following week. After receiving and sending the report back within two days I was further annoyed to get another postcard reminding me that if I had not returned it, please do so. They should have already received the census back a week before they sent me the letter. Then, while on a visit to the library, I was greeted by a nice young lady who asked if I had returned my census. When I explained I had, she gave me my choice of a t-shirt, hat or pennant. Then while Rich and I were eating lunch last Friday I our doorbell rang. You guessed it, someone coming around asking if we had filled out the census yet.

The money that our government has thrown around on this census is appalling. I saw that the man responsible stated that in the long run this would save money, since they would have to spend less on census takers going door to door (hmm, they still came to my door). I was most appalled when I looked into the tag of my free (haha) t-shirt and found that it was made in ... Nicaragua! Now I’m sure the logic would be that it was less expense to have them made in Nicaragua, but how about you figure in the expense of extending unemployement benefits for American who desperately want a job. The person who made the decision to purchase these t-shirts should be fired!!!

Where my U.S. Census t-shirt was made

Has our government so low an opinion of the American worker that it doesn’'t believe we could do the job as well?


katrina said...

As I was researching Shirley Temple for my daughters 2nd grade report I ended up on your blog. Not sure why but I am happy it did. I have never been on a blog before and didn't understand what it was about. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures and meaningful dialogue. You look like a lovely family and it looks like God has shone on you in a beautiful way. What state do you live in? I can not believe how beautiful your home and surroundings are. I have lived in southern California all my life so we don't get seasons like you do.

Lovely to meet you

Kim said...

Thank you Katrina for visiting. You ended up on my blog becuase of a post a couple years ago I did on Shirley Temple. I have always loved her!
We live in Virginia and I can't imagine not living with all our seasons. Just in the last week or so we have been able to grill out again and it is pure joy. There's just something special about that first grilled steak or burger of the season. I like to get our steaks from our locally owned butcher shop.
Our whole family loves to photograph, so sometimes it's my pictures and sometimes they were taken by my husband or son.
God has truly blessed us. We live close to my parents and have a great church and wonderful neighbors. Our town has many activities that we enjoy through out the year.
I hope your daughter was able to find what she needed for her report.