Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome To Our Home

We had just gotten settled into our home when it was time to decorate it for Christmas. Now that the decorations are down and put away it is time to begin showing it off to all my visitors.

It has been fun, but a bit challenging to find just the right place for everything. Somethings didn’t fit where we had planned to place it, like a large cherry armoire that couldn’t fit up the stairs. But, other items that we had not used in our previous home have now been able to put to good use.

This home allows us to have his and her “playrooms.” My room is upstairs and is right next to our bedroom. I have made it a combination of a sitting room and craft room. It has been very handy over the holidays being able to have all my ribbons and craft materials handy. This room is also right across the hall from David’s bedroom and I can sit on the sofa and keep an eye on him if he is a little too hyper at bedtime.

I wanted to make this a very “girly-girl” room but without the pinks and ruffles. I couldn’t find the perfect curtains, at least in my budget. So I checked out a local fabric shop that carries upholstery fabrics. They just happened to have in the “sale room” bridal lace, which is where I found a length of lace designed for a bridal veil that was beautiful, but very inexensive. It was just the perfect size for the long, narrow windows in the house. I only had to cut the length in two and then sewed a satin ribbon to the top of each length. To the ribbon I sewed thin gossamer ribbons. I then tied the thin ribbons to the cafe rod.

It was so easy and since I already had the ribbon, both windows only cost me the price of the fabric ($15.00). I also purchased small silver frames and printed black and white pictures of us to hang from the rod.

This is a warm and cozy room where I can store my genealogy research, scrapbook supplies, fabric, decorating books and completed photo albums. I can also spread out my materials on the floor while I’m working on a project—and not worry about someone walking on it. This is also my sentimental room since I have some of David’s baby toys in the room—a little wooden rattle, stuffed animals and a wooden hobby horse.

This room was the one I had originally planned as David’s bedroom. However, since it is an old house, the closet was not built at the time the house was. The closet in this room also serves the master bedroom. The double doors of the closet don’t allow for privacy and David decided as a 14-year-old he would much rather have the smaller of the two bedrooms, with the privacy.

Over Christmas this is the room that David slept in. We pulled out his old twin mattress, which is usually stored under his grown up bed. He liked having the doors of the closet open so he could see and hear us at night. He doesn’t like change and this was reassuring to him.

I love my room!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

I've missed your blogging lately. I just "LOVE" your sitting room/craft room!! It looks so nice and comfy!! Can't wait to see the rest of the house!!
Pray things are going well with David. Hope he's adjusted well to the new school situation.
I found some great deals on Wilton metal cookie cutters after Christmas, and thought of you!! I snatched them and plan on making fudge in them like you did at Christmas! Yum!! Yum!!
Take care!

Kim said...

I'm glad to share my room with everyone. It has been a big help to have everything handy and a place for everything.
It has been a rough week for me. I started the week with what I thought was a toothache, but by Tuesday night my whole jaw was swollen and in sever pain. This happened a few years ago and a young doctor said it was a clogged saliva duct. When she was asked about if it could be the mumos she admitted she had never seen the mumps before, but thought it should be higher on the cheek. But after reading WebMd and talking to more experienced doctors we think it was the mumps. I was vaccinated as a child, but a person can still get the mumps and you can get it repeatedly. So we think that is what this is. I am still on pain killers, but my jaw is looking more normal and less elephant man.
David had a rough time getting back to his school routine after the Christmas holiday. But, he is finally getting back into the swing of things.
I'm so glad I could help share a very practical idea to help others. I have to admit that most of the cookie cutters I purchased last year I used to decorate a small christmas tree for our diningroom. I did use some to give away. The school personnel that received them were very pleased that we had thought of them and taken the time to send a thank you card for their hard work.
I hope to post our bedroom/bathroom this afternoon.